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This is where all news and updates regarding Growhouse Gaming will be posted. Stay tuned!

Website Cache

I'm looking into setting up this page of the website (and possibly other pages) to force a fresh reload rather than loading from cache. This will allow for immediate updates of the page every time it is visited and if I am able to implement it correctly, will work regardless of which browser you are reading this on.

Cache is causing older versions of the page to be loaded rather than the most up-to-date version. This means that if any posts are made here on the blog, the updated page will not load until your cache expires, which can vary greatly depending on your browser, our web host, and a plethora of other things.

In the mean time until I can get the cache-less feature set up, please be sure to refresh the page without cache each time you view any page on the GG website. In almost every browser, this can be done with the command "Ctrl + F5" on a PC or "Cmd + Shift + R" if you are using a Mac.

Thanks for bearing with us while we get all the kinks worked out with the new website!

Progress Towards Our First Game

Now that the website is pretty much entirely functional, I've been doing a more research on getting down to what Growhouse Gaming is going to be all about: Gaming! I've had the idea in my head for a long time for a classic-style 2D fantasy RPG. Games like Chrono Trigger and the earlier Final Fantasy games are huge motivational factors for the idea and I hope we can pull something off that will do justice to these iconic games. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head (most of which I should probably write down on paper) that I'd like to implement, but now is the time for us to choose which platform we will develop it on.

Cheyne and I had initially begun poking around in the Epic Games Launcher which hosts the incredibly awesome Unreal Engine 4, however, I feel that an engine of that caliber is quite a bit of overkill for our first project. That's not to say we won't be coming back to it because it really is an amazing 2D and 3D engine!

With that said, I have begun looking into different engines and game development platforms that would better fit our needs. Unity is really simple to get used to (at least from what I've seen so far), but from what I can tell, its 2D features are lacking compared to its 3D counterpart. I will still keep Unity in mind, but I don't particularly feel that it is right for this project.

Another software I looked into was RPG Maker VX Ace. Off the bat I wasn't really sure what I was doing at all in this program, but after watching a few tutorial videos, it all started to make sense and I was actually able to make an intro cutscene for the project using the stock assets that came loaded with RPG Maker. While it was very easy to do, there was essentially zero programming or scripting on my side whatsoever, which left a bit to be desired in terms of customizablity and overall control. I did see an option to add developer-made scripts, yet there was no guidance whatsoever and I didn't go any further with it, having already decided that this was not the platform for us. Also, the entire software and engine runs off of a deviation of Ruby, which I'm not particularly a fan of.

After going through all of that, I did a bit more research as to how to go about making this project a reality. One of the primary factors that I discovered was that for a 2D game, using a precomipled game engine is much more trouble than it is worth and instead, most 2D game developers use one or multiple API's to essentially make their own custom engine that would allow for complete control over the develpment process.

Great! So now I know to stay away from game engines (for now) and to look into which 2D API's are available and that we could make use of. After that, deciding on asset styles such as sprite sizes, maps, tilesets, etc. which will finally give Cheyne something to do! Yay!

Thanks for reading! Check back here for progress on the project and GG overall and stay lifted!

Website Updates!

After a month-long hiatus, I have finally returned to developing on the website and have made a ton of progress in the last day alone! Firstly, as you can see, the blog is now up! I'll be using this both to keep you (the readers) informed, as well as to keep track of our own progress here at GG.

We also have a new logo! After talking a bit about it, Cheyne and I decided that, grammatically speaking, dropping the "H" from the former Growhouse Gaming abbreviation of "GHG" to what is now simply "GG" was the best choice and obviously too good to pass up. In suit, Cheyne also did an excellent job designing a sexy new logo that you can see in the navigation bar at the top of each page on the site!

Lastly, as of now, every part of the site is entirely responsive! This means that everything will scale nicely based on the size of your screen/browser window (i.e. if you're mobile browsing or your window isn't maximized). To achieve that, the entire website had to be re-structured to allow the HTML elements to work together better. But it was all worth it! Implementing new features to the site will now be extremely easy thanks to the new structure.

Thanks for reading! More updates are rolling in every day now that I've regained the motivation to get this site looking and working great!

Growhouse Gaming Is Up!

I'm glad to announce that the Growhouse Gaming website is now up and running! The website itself is still very much in development, so bear with us and stay tuned to this page for any and all GG-related updates!